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For all his efforts, Nicolaus Copernicus is at the centre of the space-exploration universe. The astronomer, born 540 years ago today, has a crater on the moon and a NASA trajectory system. In 2009, German scientists honoured Copernicus with his own element on the periodic table: copernicium.

U.S. and British scientists launched his namesake was launched into orbit by U.S. and British scientists in 1972 a Copernicus observatory (OAO-3) into orbit. And, the most tribute of all, Captain Kirk and Spock got a lift on the shuttlecraft Copernicus in Star Trek: The Final Frontier.

Tuesday, he added another one more tribute to his name as Google created a solar system-themed doodle to mark his 540th birthday.

Widely regarded as the father of modern astronomy, Copernicus made his most significant mark on science in his dying days with De revolutionibus…

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