Jefferson Davis Parish, LA: Fatal crop-duster crash


New discoveries in the crop-duster plane crash that killed a pilot William Precht Jr. of Iowa.

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ivy Woods gave KPLC new information the day after the tragic accident.

In a field off of Highway 1126 is where the crop-duster plane was found along with the body of Precht.

After not responding to calls, co-workers began searching for the plane. In the darkness of the night on Friday, Feb. 15, it was hard to see what caused the plane to crash. But during the day on Saturday, Feb. 16, it was easier to tell.

“He’s been a crop duster for 30 years,” Woods said. “Over 30 years.”

Woods said it seemed the crop-duster snagged some line to a nearby communications tower, which he said was the cause of the crash. And now the evidence is clear, according to Woods.

Sidenote:  If you visit the link, and watch the video:



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Another sidenote:

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