While Mardi Gras revelers were focused on celebrating and having a good time hundreds of officers are kept watch to keep everyone safe.

But anytime you mix large crowds with alcohol there are bound to be problems.

Our camera was rolling when several verbal altercations began on Bourbon Street.

It didn’t take long for state police to swarm in and prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.

“Tell me what happened? He hit me on my arm and was like pushing me and he had an attitude about it,” Amy Guidrod said.

“I have seen plenty of state police and NOPD officers on horse back and on foot,” Caterrico Benible said. WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “How’s that make you feel?” “Very safe,” Benible replied.

New Orleans police will have a complete overview of Mardi Gras during Mayor Landrieu’s annual press conference scheduled Wednesday afternoon.

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