Thursday afternoon, a heavy-duty truck rolled off the causeway with its giant crane properly stowed.  Emergency crews used the truck to pull a similarly big dump truck from the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain.

Causeway Commission General Manager Carlton Dufrechou says crews had to make sure the response truck was properly situated on the bridge so the southbound span wouldn’t be compromised from the extreme weight.

Moments after the response truck rolled off the bridge, a flatbed semi followed with the disfigured.  Traffic on the bridge was closed in both directions for hours Thursday afternoon while the work was underway.

By 3:30, traffic was once again flowing freely in both directions, but the case wasn’t closed.

“Unfortunately the driver was not in the vehicle when it was recovered.  The search continues for him right now,” Dufrechou said.

The dump truck crashed Wednesday night after it caught fire, took out a stretch…

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