Nazi salute photo flack gets Greely High School girls’ basketball players in trouble

 “…we’re raising global citizens.”

CUMBERLAND CENTER, Maine, Feb. 7 (UPI) — A posting on social media of high school girls’ basketball players in Maine offering a Nazi salute has led to disciplinary action, the school principal said.

In the undated photograph, two standing members of the Greely High School girls basketball team face each other with one arm raised in the Nazi greeting posture, while a third is seated, offering peace signs with her hands. Each player is in her basketball uniform, the Portland Press Herald reported Thursday.

CUMBERLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Three members of Greely High School’s girls basketball team are being disciplined, after an offensive photo and tweets they made surfaced.

School officials say they found out members of the girls’ basketball team were making anti-Semetic jokes from an anonymous letter sent to them last week. It shows two members of the team, wearing their uniforms, giving another team member the Nazi salute. We are not disclosing their identities because they are minors. The letter also lists 3 pages of tweets allegedly written by the girls that use offensive and sometimes anti-Semetic language. In multiple tweets, the girls affectionately refer to a teammate as “Hitler.”

One tweet, dated December 24th, says “So Jewish to have prac on Christmas Eve day.”

Another says “If —- picked me up, she would’ve made me do sprints, then put me in a gas chamber.”

The letter also states that at least one team member was following and re-tweeted @DictatorHitler, an account that regularly posts anti-Semetic and anti-female tweets.

Geez ladies – not cool.


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