Fired Baton Rouge Police Chief levels serious allegations against Mayor

BATON ROUGE – Through his attorney today, fired Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White leveled serious allegations that the East Baton Rouge Mayor’s Office interfered with his duties and actively kept him from speaking to the media about issues with the department.

White and his attorney, Jill Craft, made the allegations a day after White was fired by the city, a move Craft called the “worst-kept secret in Baton Rouge.”

Among the accusations were claims the Mayor’s Office told White not to make any transfers or actions on disciplinary matters without the Mayor’s consent first. Craft also claims he was told not to put those requests to the Mayor’s Office in writing, because they could be requested as public records by the media.

Craft said at least one of those requests for disciplinary actions was “fairly significant,” and agreed that not going through with them could have put the city in jeopardy.



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