Investigators reach man who posted dog fight video -Video of dog fight posted on Facebook sparks outrage from community

Animal rights activists were enraged with the video, posted on Kendrick Drummond’s page.

According to his profile, he is from Amite and now lives in Lafayette but attends Baton Rouge Community College.

Investigators said they are not sure if he was involved in producing the video. They don’t expect the case to be quick.

The man who first shared dog-fighting video is identified through facebook as “Kendrick Drummond.” Authorities don’t know if he is the one responsible for the fight, but he did post the video around seven o’clock monday night and is wanted for questioning.

His page has since been taken down since KATC first shared the story this morning. Drummond says on his page he lives in Lafayette, travels to Baton Rouge for school, and is originally from Amite. Police from across the state are now looking for him.

The video shows two dogs fighting each other, as spectators watch and cheer.

“It’s disgusting, it’s absolutely disgusting,” Virginia Lee, Division Manager of Lafayette Animal Control said. Lee is leading its investigation into this dog fighting incident.

BATON ROUGE – Investigators are searching for a man who posted a video to Facebook Monday showing two dogs fighting while a group watched and cheered for one of the dogs.

The video is extremely graphic.

Spectators can be heard saying one dog is “old enough” and “ready.” Another repeatedly cheered and yelled, “he gonna take that ear off.”

BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC33) — A video clip showing two dogs engaged in a bloody battle is causing an outcry of reaction online.

“It’s just sick,” Gabe David, a Baton Rouge resident and owner of pit bulls, said after watching the video. “It’s sad that people get entertainment from this. I’m just kind of speechless.”

HAMMOND, La. – A firestorm spread across Facebook this morning as followers of a Northshore animal organization learned about a video post showing a dog fight.

Now authorities are asking the public to help them find out who was involved in the fight, and the video of it.

“It’s either being awful brave or awful stupid,” said Randy Segall, who runs the Tangi Humane Society. “I hate to use that word, but to put something like that on your Facebook page, that’s really unreal.”

The video was posted Monday, by a man named Kendrick Drummond, whose profile says he’s from Amite, but lives in Lafayette. Drummond even commented on the video saying he’d never be caught.

The Tangi Humane Society spread the video across social media, offering a reward for information about where and when the fight took place, as well as all the people involved with the video.


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