Veteran Baton Rouge lawyer Lewis Unglesby urges Assault gun ban

Veteran Baton Rouge lawyer Lewis Unglesby described assault weapons as killing machines Monday and said unspeakable tragedies such as the one that occurred in December at an elementary school in Connecticut will continue until the weapons are banned.

Unglesby noted that law enforcement personnel arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., just 200 seconds after the principal called police to report the alleged killer’s presence outside the school yet the gunman still was able to shoot open a locked door and kill 20 first-graders and six teachers on Dec. 14.

“You cannot do that with conventional weapons,” Unglesby told a Baton Rouge Press Club luncheon audience in downtown Baton Rouge.


“There isn’t a second side to this,” he argued. “To be for these weapons is stupid. If you think you need this type of gun, something’s wrong with you.”

Uh, no second side?

So if a criminal barges into my home armed to the teeth I shouldn’t have the right to fight firepower with equal firepower?  I should cower in the corner with my cellphone, call 911, and wait for police?


Over and over the average person is punished for the sins of the few.

There isn’t a second side to this, I argue.  If you’re a lawyer and you don’t understand that the basic concept of the 2nd amendment is primarily to be able to protect yourself from your own government if they decide to go rouge,  something’s wrong with you.




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