Scam artist swindles people nationwide, dubbed ‘Bernie Madoff of Baton Rouge’

Baton Rouge, La (NBC33) — A Baton Rouge man is becoming known across the country as one of the biggest scam artists around.

His name is Johnathan Williams, and he’s earned the nickname the “Bernie Madoff of Baton Rouge”.

For the past 10 years or so, he’s allegedly been conning people out of lots of money.

Mark Burd said he met Williams, 33, a few years back.

“It seems like we’re all financing his lifestyle,” stated Burd. “I’m a car lover and part of why I was interested is that he had this yellow Lamborghini that was just a gorgeous car.”

Burd says investing in real estate with Williams seemed like a good idea at the time.

“I watched him get into a private jet, and he threw me the keys to a $160,000 car and said ‘See you in a week’. Somebody without money doesn’t do that kind of thing, so I’m thinking ‘Certainly there’s no risk here!’”


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