All Social Security, SSI recipients must get checks electronically; many recipients still have not switched – Deadline March 1st

With a deadline a month away for those who get federal benefits to make arrangements to receive them electronically, nearly 186,000 Ohioans receiving either Social Security or Supplemental Security Income checks still have not made the switch.

Under a new electronic payment law, recipients of any type of federal benefit must switch to either direct deposit or a DirectExpress Debit MasterCard card by March 1 — the date the law goes into effect.

Currently, about 95 percent of Social Security recipients and 70 percent of SSI recipients have made the switch. But the U.S. Treasury Department is anxious to have nearly all recipients of federal benefits make the move to electronic payments so it can eliminate the cost of mailing checks.

As of Jan. 8, the Treasury Department still was mailing 5 million checks a month to beneficiaries.


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