Dirty Laundry: Musings of a Former News Man

I love oil in all it’s forms.

I totally do, I love gas in my car, I love electricity, I love the petrochemicals in my plastic bottles and cups and utensils and of course in all my household electronics from TV to coffee maker. I love, love, LOVE the oil in my asphalt roads (who wants a bumpy ride on a gravel or dirt road, am I right?), the oils used to make my shampoo and the delicious oil that coats my Tylenol and Advil pills. I gots mad love for the oil used to make my clothes and the oil in my son’s toys.

But I don’t love being deceived.

And natural gas? Shoot! Man, I shore wouldn’t wanna live with out it, hot water, hot clothes from the gas dryer, hot… well, heat from the heater in the wintertime.  Natural gas vehicles, gas grills, you could say natural…

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