Nederland, TX native Victor Lynn Lovelady reported among dead following Algeria standoff

Victor Lynn Lovelady

The U.S. Department of State has confirmed that Victor Lynn Lovelady, 57, a Nederland native, is among 37 hostages who died in the terrorist seizure and ensuing special forces assault on an natural gas plant in Algeria.

Five other hostages are missing from the In Amenas complex and could be dead, Prime Minister Abdul Malek Sallal said.

It’s the fourth and final day of the Algerian hostage crisis. Algerian state news reports as many as 23 hostages were killed in the final assault of the BP gas facility.

And as of Saturday afternoon, still no word on the Nederland native who was one of the hundreds held hostage by an al-Queda-linked militant group.

A Nederland man is one of the Americans kidnapped by an Islamist militant group in Algeria.

12 News spoke with the victim’s brother by phone Thursday morning. He asked that his brother not be identified while the hostages are still in the hands of the kidnappers.

According to reports from CNN, some of the foreigners taken hostage by the Islamist militants at an Algerian gas plant have been freed in an operation by the Algerian army.

ALGIERS, Algeria – KFDM News has learned a Nederland man is among the dozens of foreigners, including Americans, taken hostage when Algerian militants attacked a gas complex.

The man’s family doesn’t want his name publicly released because they’re worried it might jeopardize his safety. They say they’re praying for his safe return.

There are conflicting reports Thursday about the hostage situation at the natural gas complex.

The family of a Nederland man taken hostage by Islamist militants at a gas plant where he’s working in Algeria tells KFDM News they received a call from the State Department on Friday indicating he is “alive and well.”

There are reports from Algeria that some of the hostages and militants died when Algerian forces tried to free the hostages in a Thursday raid on the plant.

“We got a call from the State Department that he’s alive and well,” a family member of the hostage told KFDM News Friday morning. “They called about 7 a.m. Friday. A representative called me and his wife. He’s alive and well. He’s not on the list of those who are deceased. The family feels better but we won’t rest easy until he’s home.”

KFDM News isn’t releasing the man’s name because his family says the State Department representative told them that doing so could jeopardize his safety while he remains a hostage.


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