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MOGADISHU, Somalia — Somalia’s most dangerous terror group says it has killed a French hostage that French military forces tried to rescue last weekend.

Al-Shabab said in a Twitter posting Thursday that the agent, codenamed Denis Allex, was executed Wednesday evening Somalia time.

French officials have said they believe Allex was killed the night of the raid. Allex, a French intelligence agent, was taken by the militants in July 2009 and had been held ever since.

A French raid Friday night and early Saturday failed to rescue him, and resulted in the deaths of two French troops and 17 Somalis, French officials say.

“It could have succeeded. It should have succeeded. Its consequences weigh heavily and I take full responsibility for the operation, because it is also a message from us: France cannot allow its citizens to be detained,” French President François Hollande said at a press conference in…

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