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An Ontario bodyguard who worked for Saadi Gaddafi provided “invaluable assistance” to the Libyan dictatorship as it attempted to brutally crush an anti-regime uprising in 2011, the Canada Border Services Agency alleged on Wednesday.

At an immigration hearing in Toronto, the CBSA accused Gary Peters of complicity in war crimes, citing the “vital role” it said he had played as bodyguard to Mr. Gaddafi, the son of dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and a commander in the Libyan special forces.

Mr. Peters was so well-entrenched in the Gaddafi regime that he was given a pass card that allowed him unfettered access to any government building, the agency alleged as it for the first time laid out its case against the man it called “Saadi’s bodyguard.”

Summoned to Libya in February 2011 by Saadi Gaddafi himself, Mr. Peters accompanied the dictator’s son to meetings with senior members of the regime and to…

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