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A shooting in southern Switzerland has left three women dead, two men wounded and raised questions about how a troubled suspect was able to go on a rampage with an old military rifle.

The suspect, a 33-year-old unemployed man living on welfare, fired about 20 shots Wednesday night in Daillon, a village in the canton of Valais.

He opened fire from his apartment and pursued people in the street, police said Thursday. Armed with a Swiss military rifle and a handgun, he then threatened to shoot the officers sent in to stop him.

“The shooter pointed his weapon at our colleagues, so they had to open fire to neutralize him, to avoid being injured themselves,” said police spokesman Jean-Marie Bornet.

The women who died were aged 32, 54 and 79; they were all shot in the head and chest. The youngest was married to one of the injured men, and…

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