Dozens of families survived what emergency workers are describing as a possible tornado.

It was a Christmas to remember, but not in a good way for people ravaged by storms.

Strong wind and heavy rain blew through neighborhoods in pearl river county… South of mc-Neal, near highway 11.

Dozens of families were devastated as they gathered for the holiday.

“It sounded like a train coming,” homeowner Tim Kahl said. “And I hollered and told him it’s a tornado you know, tornados coming get down get back in.”

WDAM storm damage picThis photo was taken during daylight hours, shortly after the storm by Mississippi television station WDAM.

Tim Kahl describes what he heard around that time.

“We heard the siren go off behind the store.” “After that it was all you know chaotic. Everybody running, fire alarms, the fire department coming out with the fire trucks,” Kahl said.

Emergency responders worked well into the…

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