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15.12.2012 Environment Pollution USA State of New York, Staten Island [May Ship Repair Contracting Corporation, 3075 Richmond Terrace, ] Damage level Details


Environment Pollution in USA on Saturday, 15 December, 2012 at 11:32 (11:32 AM) UTC.

The Coast Guard is responding to a fuel oil spill in the waters off Staten Island. The fuel is leaking from a cargo tank aboard a barge at Mays Ship Repair. The Coast Guard says the leak began late Friday. Coast Guard spokeswoman Jetta Disco said early Saturday that authorities have narrowed down the source of the leak to one tank on the barge. She says that tank’s capacity is 147,000 gallons, but it’s not clear how much has leaked. Disco says a flyover is scheduled after sunup to assess the extent of the spill. A company has been contracted to start cleanup. Mariners are being advised to…

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