Customer Decribes Metairie Bank Robbery



A dramatic heist played out inside the Metairie Bank on Jefferson Highway involved masked men, and reports of a sawed-off gun.

Darian Trotter talked to a customer who made it out unharmed.

“I’m just stunned, we’re all shocked,” witness Sherika Harney said.

It was like something out of an action movie; only it wasn’t

“I’m not out to be killed,” bank customer Josephine Drageon said.

The real life drama started at the Metairie Bank on Jefferson Highway around 1:30 Thursday; but it ended in the 9th ward of New Orleans.

Jefferson Parish Deputies say two masked me entered the bank demanding money or else.

“Yeah he said this is a robbery,” Drageon said.

Witnesses say one man leaped over the counter and forcibly took money from the tellers.

Trotter asked, “What’d they say to you? Don’t move,” Drageon said.

The other man reportedly demanded money from every customer in the…

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