Boulder Co. Restricts Fracking, Opponents Say Not Enough

CBS Denver

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Boulder County Commissioners said they restricted fracking operations as much as they could but protesters wanted more.

The fracking operation restrictions were approved at Thursday’s meeting which was attended by protesters who appeared with tape placed over their mouths.

The tape was a visual sign of their opposition to what happened last week where anti-fracking protesters disrupted the meeting and criticized other witnesses.

Commissioners cited “a bullying atmosphere” and attempts to intimidate other witnesses at the Dec. 4 meeting. They promised to prosecute any demonstrators who disrupt future meetings.

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Commissioners said at Thursday’s meeting they did everything within the rights of local government to restrict oil and gas operations. That includes placing wells at the maximum distance from structures as well as strict air and water quality requirements which the commissioners say is much stricter than current state law.

Still, protesters…

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