Cooler Temps Could Help Strawberry Crop



The LSU AgCenter says as long as temperatures remain cool, strawberry farmers in the Pontchatoula and Hammond area could continue to bring in a nice crop.

“Some of the growers here in the Hammond area have been picking some really nice berries,” said Regina Bracy, the resident coordinator of the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station.

Strawberry farmers hope they’ve moved past warmer weather conditions that can create problems with gray mold on their crop.

But the cold temperatures are creating new issues.  Farmers must cover their fields to prevent crop damage.  Covering the plants can keep them 4 to 6 degrees warmer than the outside temperatures, say AgCenter workers.  The process can slow the growth of the berries, but they will have fewer disease issues.

“As long as the temperature doesn’t drop too low, growers should have a good crop with nice-size berries and good healthy plants,” Bracy said.

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