Letten Leaving But Will Have Options


While people in the New Orleans area wait to see who will fill the shoes of Jim Letten as United States Attorney, one man who knows what it’s like to leave the jobs says Letten will have plenty of options, from private practice to politics.

“I know he’s said he’s not going to seek public office, but there are a lot of people who said they’re never going to do it, and they become elected officials all of a sudden,” former U.S. Attorney Harry Rosenberg who held the top federal prosecutor’s job in New Orleans in the early 1990s.

Thursday morning, Letten announced he was resigning effective next Tuesday.  He also said he would stay on with the department briefly as an advisor to help with the transition for his interim replacement.

Many people in the room wiped away tears as Letten ended his nearly 12 year career as U.S…

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