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The government’s branding of an Egyptian man as a terrorist threat to Canada’s national security is based on flimsy evidence tainted by torture, Federal Court heard Friday.

In closing submissions, lawyer Johanne Doyon accused Canada’s spy service of unethical tunnel vision in its 12-year quest to have Mohamed Mahjoub deported.

“We know now that there is a large part of the file that was based on (torture),” Doyon told Judge Edmond Blanchard.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, she said, did not have “sufficient morality” to exclude evidence against Mahjoub they knew was obtained from torture.

This is not decent at all

Mahjoub, a father of three, has been in prison or under house arrest in Toronto since he was first slapped with a national security certificate in 2000.

His lawyers are trying to have the case against him thrown out as an abuse of process.

Doyon said evidence obtained from…

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