Elizabeth Warren Asking For A ‘Little More Money’ To Pay Campaign Bills

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS/AP) — U.S. Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren says despite raising $42 million her campaign finished in the red and she’s asking supporters for a “little more money” to pay off the debt.

Warren, a Democrat who defeated incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown last month, sent a letter to supporters on Wednesday asking for donations to help pay the campaign’s final bills.

Her campaign confirmed that their fundraising came up about $400,000 short of what was spent.

“One of the results of our embarrassment of riches was, well I’ll come out and say it — we ended up with a little bit of debt,” a letter to campaign supporters said.

Warren cited higher-than-expected costs for feeding more than 20,000 volunteer workers around the state on Election Day and for renting vans to drive prospective voters to polling places. The letter did not give the size of the debt.

The Warren-Brown race…

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