Woman’s Middle Finger Light Display Creates Stir


By Danielle Grossman

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (NBC33) — Sarah Henderson was told by police to remove Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger and fined after neighbors complained. However, the American Civil Liberties Union says she had every right to put them up.

Henderson says her reasoning for the lights was to send a message to her neighbors, whom she is having issues with, but the ACLU says the reason doesn’t matter.

In a letter to the Denham Springs Police Department, they said: “Rather than pressuring Ms. Henderson to remove a display that is protected under the U.S. Constitution and Louisiana law, the Denham Springs Police Department should have defended her right of free expression.”

As for Henderson, she’s pretty pleased with the show of support.

“The truth has prevailed like I knew it would,” stated Henderson. “If it hadn’t, I don’t think there would have been such…

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