Unsafe Toy List: Dora Guitar, Dora Backpack, More

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Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Nov. 21, 2012 — A too-loud Dora guitar and a lead-filled robot top the annual list of unsafe toys from the Public Interest Research Group, a nonprofit consumer watchdog.

This year’s PIRG “Trouble in Toyland” report focuses on the specific dangers: Noisy toys that damage hearing; toys’ small parts that can choke; toys filled with toxic chemicals; and toys with powerful magnets that can kill a child who swallows them.

PIRG calls for more action from the government agency responsible for toy safety, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In at least one case, CPSC is trying to get powerful magnets off the market, but so far has been stymied by manufacturer lawsuits.

The Toy Industry Association, the trade group that represents toy makers, says PIRG had to look awfully hard to find just a few unsafe toys.

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