Hurst Police Respond To Officer Outburst Caught On Tape

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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HURST (CBS 11 NEWS) – A performance review for a Hurst police officer under investigation, notes he can be overzealous and it can cloud his judgment. The release came as another resident filed a complaint Monday about Officer Disraeli Arnold.

Hurst Police officials used the word “embarrassing” to describe the videotaped, expletive laced arrest that’s made one the uniformed officer the latest YouTube tarnished star. Arnold was placed on administrative leave Monday, pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

A May 2010 review says: “Officer Arnold’s enthusiasm may make him overzealous at times, which can cloud his judgment when it comes to policy, procedure and tactics. Sometimes he needs to step back and see the big picture to weight the risks involved.”

Future reviews don’t mention the issue. His only discipline was for damage to a patrol vehicle, losing a cellphone of someone arrested, and…

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