Opinion: Quit Gloating And Whining

CBS Miami

The Right Politics

Even though it’s only three days after the presidential election of 2012 and a certain amount of gloating on the part of President Barack Obama supporters and a certain amount of whining is expected by Mitt Romney’s supporters, it’s been extreme and needs to stop.

Some of the Obama supporters are as if they are pushing the Romney supporters to start rioting – as the Obama supporters threatened they would if the president lost. Some of the Romney supporters are whining to the extent that they must feel that whining is going to change the election’s results. Both stances are incredibly wrong in thinking there are going to be any changes since 10:00 PM CT on Tuesday night when CBS announced that President Obama was reelected – and all of the other networks quickly followed with their announcements.

It’s Obama in the White House until 2016, God willing. God willing…

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