Hey Governor Christie…….Just Zip It Will Ya…….Yes You!!

CBS Boston

     I would never talk that way to almost anyone, certainly not to a state’s Chief Executive, but ya know what folks, I’m getting a bit tired of that trash-talkin’ guy from New Jersey known as Chris Christie.    When he first hit the scene, I have to admit it was rather refreshing. He didn’t take crap from anybody, he suffered no fools as they say, and a lot of people including  yours truly, liked what he was saying.  He’s very bright, he’s articulate, his politics are close to my own and this guy was suddenly being talked about on a national scale…maybe a Vice Presidential candidate.  A bit  of a stretch for sure, but it was mentioned.   The people who tried to challenge  him verbally, i.e. womens groups, school teachers and most of all….those awful people known as reporters learned in a hurry, Big Chris is ready to put you…

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