LSU student wanted to kill parents for inheritance money, accused accomplice alleges

The alleged accomplice of an LSU student accused of trying to murder her mother in New Orleans on Monday told police that Nicole Boover wanted to kill her parents to get inheritance money. Nathan Andrew Yuhas, 18, an LSU student himself, said Boover, 19, offered him a $50,000 cut of that undisclosed amount of money for his help, according to paperwork filed in Criminal District Court in New Orleans.

An application for an arrest warrant for Yuhas indicates that he accompanied Boover to purchase gloves, duct tape and masks similar to those worn by the killers in the “Scream” movies. Yuhas allegedly told police that he and Boover intended to leave the state after carrying out the killing, but their murder plot went awry and both he and Boover ended up in custody.

On Monday about 4:30 a.m., authorities say Boover went to her mother’s place in the Esplanade at City Park apartment complex and tapped on the front door. When the mother answered, the daughter allegedly raised a silver-colored handgun.

The mother shut the door immediately, but Boover is accused of firing three shots into the door before fleeing down the hall towards the stairs, investigators believe.

Boover’s mother was not injured, but NOPD was alerted and confirmed the incident.


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