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Wednesday Why: Be Fashionable While Saving the Wetlands

Thousands of dead nutria killed by Hurricane Isaac have washed up on the Gulf shore.

Officials on the coast are concerned the dead animals could become a health and environmental hazard and have closed several beaches.


Department of Environmental Quality officials have so far counted 5,000 carcasses on Mississippi’s shores, and expect more to come ashore in the next few days.

Help is being brought in from state resources to help remove and dispose of the rodents.

Dead nutria also washed up on the coast after Hurricane Gustav in 2008.

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Jefferson Parish’s Sheriff SWAT Team members Sgt. Scott Wildey, Detective Sean Cursain, and Detective Chuck Callahan are part the Parish’s newest push to rid its drainage canals of Nutria, an invasive species that cause damage by burrowing into the canals. The team usually goes from midnight until 5 a.m. to avoid traffic. The members have to be a member of the SWAT team for at least a year and take a special training course before the can go out on the shoots.


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