Second Cross-dressing Stick-up Man Strikes in N.O.

Bandit Hit Two Places in 20 Minutes


NEW ORLEANS— Women’s wear appears to be the in-thing for men committing armed robberies in New Orleans.

Three hold-ups performed by cross-dressing men have taken place in five days in the Crescent City, the latest coming Tuesday.

At 3032 Elysian Fields, a 4:50pm hold-up of the Shell station yielded more than $600 for a gunman partially dressed like a girl.

In the mini-mart’s surveillance video, he’s seen looking around after entering the business, and despite multiple people being in the store, he pulls out a semi-automatic handgun from his handbag to rob the clerk.

Customers appear unfazed, as they immediately form a line afterwards, the footage shows.

No shots fired or people injured, but 20 minutes earlier, the same man tried hitting a motel at 4200 Old Gentilly Road.

On video he is seen pulling the same stunt, but the manager ran from the front desk and out of the building, leaving the robber with nothing.

Harris was arrested Tuesday, the NOPD said.

The latest cross-dressing crook is described as well under six-feet tall, about 150lbs, wearing dark blue jeans, a blue t-shirt with a grey long sleeve shirt underneath, sunglasses, an Air Jordan cap, black wig and a purse over shoulder. He also is seen carrying a silver gun on video.

Call Crimestoppers at 822-1111 with the right anonymous tip, and possibly cash in.


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