The Southern Baptist Convention Was NOT Founded to Defend Slavery

Zwinglius Redivivus

True enough, ONE of its founding principles was to counteract the abolitionists in the North; but it has to be said, and it must be said, that the slavery issue was not the only issue at hand and under consideration.

The press seems to be making slavery the only concern which moved Baptists in the South in 1848 to establish their own Convention but of course there never are single reasons for anything.  Mind you, the defense of slavery was immoral.  It was wrong and it was wicked.  But it is historically dishonest to pretend that a bunch of backwoods racist hicks got together in order only to defend their right to own other human beings and hatched a denomination for that exclusive purpose (as the ignorant amongst the press seem to be implying).

Southern Baptists in Convention at the birth of their new denomination also desired, with all their…

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