Misleading Reporters Ought To Be Reassigned Or Fired

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

The Right Politics

Once again, a hack-job on a political story made a politician on “the right” look stupid.   It is not the media’s purpose to give the public a stilted impression of politicians they don’t support.  Yet, MSNBC, once again, attempted to sway public perception of a political candidate in a negative direction.   Whether or not they meant to do it is not the issue.  The issue is that they clearly did it. 

On MSNBC’s “Way Too Early with Willie Geist” program, an edited film of Mitt Romney was broadcast which truncated part of his remarks.  Conveniently for the network’s political persuasion, the truncation made Romney look technologically ignorant. 

Romney made remarks about a visit to the Wawa Convenience Store during a Cornwall, Pennsylvania stop along his campaign trail.  In full context, Romney was comparing the private business sector and the public sector.  He was discussing bureaucracy via regulated paperwork which is…

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