Scientists Have Found Dangerous Insects Living Inside Mobile Phones!

Insects inside a Phone

For the first time in the world, our Sri Lankan scientists have found insects living inside mobile phones. According to them, if these insects enter your ear, it will be really hard to treat you!

Seeing dust particles in your phone is normal. But if you look closely, if you see those particles moving, that means, they are not dust particles. They are insects (I think they are micro organisms but people call them insects). According to the scientists, it’s a Mite and a very close relative to Scabies (A kind of a Mite) which is known to cause skin infections by digging holes inside the skin and living inside them.

Not just a single insect, the scientists have discovered a whole colony inside this cell phone. It’s a fully operational cell phone! It looks like they like the warmth inside the phone. The conditions are good for them to colonize. If you use it with these Mites inside it, there’s a good chance for them to get inside your ear! So, be careful!

Currently, our scientists are studying these insects and we will know more about them really soon. If you find any moving particles inside your phone, you better take it to a science lab immediately! If you are in Sri Lanka, contact the MRI (Medical Research Institute of Sri Lanka) immediately!


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