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O_o #Louisiana teachers accused of ménage à trois with student | Dr. Drew Out# | o_O

Louisiana teachers accused of group sex with student freed on bail

Destrehan High School

Louisiana student’s bragging about sex leads to arrest of two female teachers

Police investigating rumors of teacher-student sex tape

Since the student is 16, anyone having possession of alleged video would be in possession of child pornography. If the student/victim was in possession of alleged video himself, could he be charged with possession of child pornography?

2 Female Destrehan High School teachers accused of sex with male student

Destrehan High School teacher Shelley Dufresne had ‘prior sexual encounters’ with student, police say

  • Dufresne had sexual contact with the student more than once before their alleged ménage à trois Sept. 12 with teacher Rachel Respess, 24, at Respess’ Kenner apartment. The police use of the plural “prior sexual encounters” suggests two or more earlier incidents, whereas the public record to date had established only one other allegation of sex between Dufresne and the student.

  • Dufresne “enticed and transported” the teen to Respass’ apartment, with the purpose of engaging in sexual acts, and she “approached (Respess) in order to proposition her into joining the sexual encounter.” Respess told detectives she was aware that Dufresne was bringing the boy to her apartment for sex.

  • At the apartment, the boy told police, he had sex with both women. While Respess was having intercourse with him, Dufresne “began intimately kissing (Respess) in an attempt to arouse all parties involved, all who were complete(ly) disrobed.”