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Due to drastic changes in life around here, doing a drudgy type front page is just not possible at this time. I will have to resort to more re-blogs and automation.

Just a brief F.Y.I. – I have become a single parent due to the death of my son’s mother. Now would be an excellent time to show any support through donations.

This blog has never been to be about my life, just an outlet for my news junkiness, and artwork.  People want to know what they are supporting.

A single parent and this website would be what you are supporting.

Internet costs have gone up and up. I refuse to get cable and I am penalized for not bundling. You know the story.

SuddenUnLink now limits bandwidth usage per month, when I signed up way back when of course it was for unlimited. All that has changed. I have hit my cap 3 months in a row just trying to do this website, provide something interesting for people to see, and represent Central Louisiana.

I make plenty from WordAds to keep the LouisianaWorld.Net, and BattleOfOurTimes.Com domain names registered. I do not make enough to help pay for the costs of any streaming I try to do, anything that affects my bandwidth usage, etc. I do not make any profit whatsoever in the long run.

I just try to provide a wide range of Louisiana News from a wide number of sources, and also news from Pop Culture, Entertainment, Music, Art, Science, Astronomy,  Gaming, etc.,  subjects that I find interesting, amusing, perplexing, informative, chuckle worthy, or make you O_o possibly, at times, many times perhaps.  I don’t really like politics, but I try to stomach as much as I can to stay as informed as one who cannot stomach much can be informed about politics.

More commas?

I am looking at all this garbage anyway, and I might as well tweet it, poke it, thumb it, or something.  People like pushing buttons, copying and pasting things, poking things, thumbing things, taking polls, and having as many things spoon fed to them as possible, without a spoon.

I am not responsible for what some people might say on Twitter/Social Media that  show up in embeds I use like RebelMouse, or Totally.Me.  Hashtags like #Louisiana will sometimes bring up vulgar items into the stream.  #Alexandria brings up a lot of stuff from Virginia, and Egypt.  I’m waiting for #Tioga to pop up.

#CenLa = Central Louisiana #CenLA = Central Los Angeles

It doesn’t get much more vulgar than that. ;)

It does make for an interesting read.


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Military time is simple: #DIY #HowTo #How2 #Info #HashtagSpam #Cenla #Louisiana #LWN

Captains Log;  Star-date LMNOPbeta.1b:

This post was written primarily for my son.

I have never been in the military, but several jobs I have had in the past used military time to lesson confusion, (or as an excuse sometimes by work-dodging lazy employees); between AM & PM because of the 24 hour nature of those particular businesses.

When someone higher up tells the employee the job needs to be done at 7 – on April 6th, 2020 and never clarifies AM or PM, and the employee makes an assumption. The employee is going to have a bad time if the client thinks the job is being done at 7 AM but the employee assumed 7 PM.

The business might be losing a client, and an employee might be losing a job.

If I tell you the job will be done at 16:00 – on April 6th, 2020; no one should be able to confuse the time of day unless they are incapacitated, or worse.

When I try to explain military time to some folks verbally it really throws them into a tizzy.  I’m not sure why. I blame gremlins.

Military time is very simple.

There are 24 hours in a day.

Hour 1, the first hour of the day, is 00:00

Zero Hour, The Midnight Hour.

  1. 00:00 12 AM  Zero Dark 30 would be 00:30 = 12:30 AM
  2. 01:00   1
  3. 02:00   2
  4. 03:00   3  The Witching Hour
  5. 04:00   4
  6. 05:00   5
  7. 06:00   6
  8. 07:00   7
  9. 08:00   8
  10. 09:00   9
  11. 10:00  10
  12. 11:00  11
  13. 12:00  12 PM
  14. 13:00    1
  15. 14:00    2
  16. 15:00    3
  17. 16:00    4
  18. 17:00    5
  19. 18:00    6
  20. 19:00    7
  21. 20:00    8
  22. 21:00    9
  23. 22:00   10
  24. 23:00   11

17:49 is 5:49 PM Ya dig dawg?

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