I have lived and have visited all over these here United States.

I was born in New Orleans.

Here is, to the best of my recollection; all the states I have resided in:







I have visited or passed through many many others…

One thing I have learned…a city is a city is a city. A town is a town.

It is also fair to say,  I did not have your typical childhood.

People who know me personally may be very surprised to learn some of the many different jobs I have worked to pay the bills.  Jack-of-all-trades master of none kind of thing.

I have worked in the restaurant industry, I have delivered pizzas for Domino’s and Pizza Hut. I worked for Dairy Queen as an assistant manager.   I worked for a day at Popeye’s.

I’ve worked in convenience stores, a liquor store, a drugstore.

I have delivered newspapers both on foot and from a car.

I have been a welder’s helper, a fireguard, a safety guard (which is just a fireguard who knows C.P.R.)  I’ve been a tankerman, and a roustabout.

I’ve worked in the asbestos  abatement industry.

I’ve worked at a foundry.

I’ve pulled a 40′ reefer cross country.

I’ve cleaned banks.

I’ve done cold calling.

I have worked in a prescription safety eyeglass factory.

I’ve parked cars.

Just to name a bunch.

I don’t talk about a lot these things much because people tend to not believe you.  There are so many men who run around embellishing or even lying about things to make themselves seem  more than they truly are, while  trying to impress the ladies.  When an honest person starts to talk about things they know or have done in the past, many people will assume you are making it all up for the same reason,  I don’t think having a lot of different jobs is something impressive.

I also look very youthful for my age, and at each new job I get treated like it’s my first job and that I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.  I just go with the flow.

It’s frustrating, but that’s life.

I am not a burly man so many find it hard to believe that I have worked at some very physically demanding jobs.

I am not saying that I was good at all those jobs, but I have done those jobs.

I don’t know everything, you learn every day until you die.  However many people like to think they are educating me on things I already am familiar with, and when I try to point this out from time to time, they just plain think you’re making it up.

I may have fell off the cabbage truck, but it wasn’t yesterday.

If there is anything I can truly educate people on, it’s what not to do.

My general rules for art:  Keep it simple, keep it cute, keep it poignant.

Yes, I am a Conservative Liberatarianishy Republican…deal with it.

I  simply try to aggregate Louisiana news…I write a short piece here and there…but mostly I try to bundle up in one place a butt trove of Louisiana related stories…I have been forced to basically in an attempt to stay as informed as I can.

So yeah whatever…

I was the Cartoonist for my High School Newspaper thingy for a period of time…one of the things I drew was a cartoon of Elvis…and the rest is history… in the making…oh, and I’m an expert on cartooning, newspapers, and thingies and such becuz I got that hi skool public education…or despite being a cartoonist for the hi skool papr…or something…and because, most importantly: Brick Waffllermann told me I was an expert.

Brick Waffllermann

Brick Waffllermann
Host of “I didn’t say that!”

#Beet’s Kittehs

Born: ? – Died: 20140620 R.I.P. Thing One, A.K.A. Mr. Bell

A few things I have done…

I don’t run or own PicklesTime.Com any more.

I was featured a few times back in the early days of Breitbart TV.  One of the silly  things I did was the “One man fist-bump”.  I also drew this Pink Panther.  I sent it to Scott and Liz had it framed.


“You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well,  I’d like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There’s only an up or down…”

Are you so far to one side you can’t see the center?

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  2. Sounds like a man after my own heart.

  3. This all very interesting, thank you for stopping by my blog and liking it enough to follow, you are always welcome and I hope you will not mind me looking around your blog while I am here! ;)

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