Alexandria, LA: Complaints about “The Releaf Shop” lead to arrests

The Alexandria Police Department executed a search warrant at “The Releaf Shop” located at 2304 S. MacArthur Drive. Narcotic Agents arrested four people, charging them with multiple drug charges.

After several complaints, the Alexandria Narcotics Division developed evidence that the illegal substance, Synthethic Cannabinids, was being sold. All four suspects were booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Facility.

18-year-old Sonny Pennington and 26-year-old Charles Adam Pennington, both of Marksville are both charged with 4 counts Poss CDS I (Synthetic Cannabinoids) with Intent to Distribute and 2,706 counts on Poss of Drug Paraphernalia.

25-year-old Rashad Hamideh and 26-year-old Elizabeth Iwalani Johnson Ashley, both of Alexandria, are both charged with 5 counts Poss CDS I (Synthetic Cannabinoids) with Intent to Distribute, 2,710 counts Poss Drug Paraphernalia, and 2 counts Illegal Use of Weapon w/CDS.


One response to “Alexandria, LA: Complaints about “The Releaf Shop” lead to arrests

  1. i know these individuals who are being dubbed as “criminals” although they’re just being subjected to racial profiling by the law enforcement who should be there to protect the innocent. there are hundreds of shops that contain the same merchandise as this shop, yet due to their similarities of pale skin and red necks they aren’t pressured in the same respects. why have they been singled out? solely because the owner is of a different religious and ethnic background? america is supposed to be land of the free, home of the brave, not home of prejudice, land of the cowardice! Rashad Hamideh was valedictorian of his high school, and his family have been upstanding citizens and loved members of their community in their hometown in California. why should they be treated different in Louisiana? The motto of Louisiana is “Union, Justice, Confidence” where is the justice in this situation?